There are millions of people globally being affected with anxiety, stress, confusion and low self esteem.

Stress Blasting Course - Sabrina Barnett

Stress can be defined as a response of the body to any demand placed on it, and it can be influenced by both external and internal factors. It often involves feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, tense, frustrated, angered, depressed or sad. Whatever goes on on the outside if we are strong inside we will have the power to deal with our obstacles.

In order for our souls to be free from the limitations of STRESS we must Detox.

Get Your Life Back! EMPOWER Your Inner Peace...

This material can be used life long since we can't avoid stress.

Learn How to:
1) Stress reducing techniques
2) Manifestation Meditations
3) How to Maintain your JOY
4) Conscious Awareness of Your Thoughts
5) Greater Mental Alertness
6) Gain a Sense of Inner Calm
7) See Burnout Before it Happens and Stop It in Its Tracks

Get Clear Insights / Get Clarity / Get Empowered!!
What you'll learn:
● Develop Numerous Coping Techniques
● Learn Relaxation and Powerful Rebalancing Tools
● Discover Where Stress is Hidden in Your Life
● Build Your Toolbox that Can Liberate You From Stress
● Shift Outer Perceptions: Through Your Inner World
● Transform Anxiety and Stress into Creative Energy
● Learn to Manage Your Life with Greater Balance Dramatically Lowering Your Stress Levels

Who this course is for:
● Those Suffering with Stress, Panic or Anxiety
● Those That Feel Constantly Fatigued or Overwhelmed
● Those Who Want to Be Less Reactive to Situations
Stress Blasting is a self-empowering course about how to create positive changes and make better decisions.

Stress Blasting is a self-empowering course about how to create positive changes and make better decisions.

Say YES to you Now!

When you give yourself this life affirming gift, I will gift you an AUDIO on Stress Blasting. Listen and marinate as you train your brain and reboot old patterns of belief.

This training is UNIQUE. The Stress Blasting strategies and techniques you will learn have helped to create profound shifts in lives around the world.

Stress Blasting is the last of a series of teachings creating Mind Mastery. You can take this course out of sequence if your Spirit calls you to dive into these teachings... Achieve your Transformation and enjoy your growth!

This course is my most comprehensive offering to date. Easy access, 100% online, 25 years experience of my top tips and tools to creating everlasting peace.