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Sabrina Barnett was born on the beautiful island of Haiti to a mother of Italian and Taino descent and a father of Haitian/Taino ethnicity. Perhaps this unique blend is
responsible for her exotic beauty and her talent in speaking 5 languages. On her first birthday she came to the United States where her single mother worked three jobs to make ends meet. Since the age of five she realized being an ethic and unable to speak English made her the perfect target for bullying in school. This stigma stayed with her damaging her self-esteem to an extent that took Sabrina years to overcome.

She had no formal education after graduating high school. Barnett began working as a model at the age of 13 as the lead in a TV commercial. After leaving home at the age of 17 to fly to Europe on her own, she began her world wind journey! Sabrina went on to grace runways from NY to Milan appearing in countless photo spreads for magazines like Cosmo, Shape, Fitness, Marie Claire and Sport Illustrated. Her persistence and determination took her around the world as a Supermodel spanning over a 25 plus year career. During her travels she initiated and continued a process of unending self-education.

Barnett is an avid philanthropist.  Advocating for special needs children, single mothers, third world poverty.  She has used her clothing line, music and polo to give back to those in need.

Sabrina wrote, co-produced and sang on her first album with Grammy award winning producers such as Rudy Perez and Tom Lord Alce. As a philanthropist Sabrina and Steven Tyler donates their talents to helping special needs children and dolphin therapy.

Her interest in Real Estate has always been one of Barnett’s passions. During her 12 years in New York she gutted and rehabilitated 3 buildings. In MIAMI she remodeled a Key-west style boutique hotel in North Miami Beach and flipped over 15 properties.

As a top celebrity designer, Sabrina has traveled the globe empowering women through fashion. She became an ambassador of Women's Empowerment for Dubai Fashion.

Barnett also won numerous championships as a World Class Polo Player. The Polo Team’s mission is to unify Polo and Fashion. Her love for horses began at the age of nine. She has rescued and found homes for over 16 horses.

When asked, what is your greatest accomplishment? Sabrina quickly states. “Nothing could ever compare to becoming a mother of two powerful young men.

Sabrina is the founder of five different Transformational Programs, a global coaching and training company focused on helping mission-driven people leverage their knowledge and gain expertise to create highly intuitive, soulful lives that impact their families, friends and the world. SOUL DETOX MASTERY program reconnects you to your SPIRITUAL SELF with her ONE OF A KIND methodologies.

“We clean our cars, houses, yards, hair, teeth, computers yet few clean their souls. It is my life’s mission to assist others toward their expansion.” Sabrina Barnett

We invite you to be a part of Top Models Sabrina Barnett's approach to a Joyful Empowered YOU. Sabrina takes you down a path of understanding the power of your attributes and embracing your weaknesses. She leaves her participants with clear insights, inspires and enlightens them to new levels of achievement guiding people toward a greater understanding enhancing the foundational quality of their lives for over 2 decades. Audiences learn how she went from being an insecure shy girl to a self assured Renaissance woman.

" I love seeing the transformation people make! I teach people to work inside the mind set of confidence. Every aspect of self empowerment from the inside out."

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