Appreciation and Gratitude

This weekend I experienced one of the best Mother”s Days ever! One of the key factors was appreciation. You see, gratitude is such a powerful energy. It truly transforms lives in explosive ways.

I believe that this last past year with everything that’s happened with the lockdowns one of the great blessings for me has been learning how to appreciate the moment and how to show tremendous gratitude for family.

Sadly, not all family members were able to come to the gathering which made me a bit disappointed. Having said that one of the tools I’ve learned in my Stress Blasting course is learning how to cope and deal with sorrow and or emptiness. It took years for me to master skills that enabled me to seek to fulfil my highest potential and create situations in a way that serves my well-being. In the past without truly understanding myself through self discovery I used to be. The culprit that was responsible for making me anxious. I would’ve felt stressed and frustrated. Combating that stress would’ve been a huge challenge for me resulting in many times sleepless nights. This lack of sleep had developed into a pattern that was actually self induced. I knew I needed to get out of my own way! This is why I loved Mother’s Day… a day where being a mother is celebrated and yet so many things went wrong. Over the years I’ve learned strategies and techniques to find my inner sanctuary so that even if I was not feeling relaxed or comfortable I would not allow my old habits to escalate or develop into sadness or anger.

You see I know what it’s like to be stressed. I’ve been there. I started modeling at a very young age. There was much anxiety based on my excepting myself laced with being a people pleaser to all those that were around me. I learned how to manage and overcome.

I want to share the answers and the numerous solutions with you as we develop a greater relationship with each other via these blogs!

I realized how to have one of the best mothers days! What a great revelation and growth.

Focusing in on all that was negative such as it was an outdoor restaurant and it was a hot muggy day, some family members were missing, the food took a long time to arrive, it was very crowded and so many other issues that would’ve resulted in becoming frustrated. One of the strategies that I learned was to be able to manage my mental health. See how to address the situation with a different mindset. I focused in on all that was positive by letting go of anything that was toxic thinking.

Positive thinking shifts all realities. Uplifting thoughts help with stress management and can even improve your health! You see in my stress blasting course one of the major key components to transform in your life is optimism. Optimism is a key part of effective stress management. You see, positive thinking is not done by avoiding negative emotions. I acknowledge the things that went wrong. I did not hide them or pretend they did not exist. When the waitress got upset due to the fact that she was overwelmed I made the decision to remain calm amid the chaos. This mindset allows you to replace these thoughts (thoughts that no longer serve you) with empowered thinking. As challenging as this may seem, I assure you you can become better with practicing many of the strategies and tools that I’ve learned over 25 years of reading hundreds of self-help books, attending thousands of dollars of self help and self care courses as well as participating in healing retreats around the world.

In summary, whatever you have in your mind that is causing you to feel anxious, frustrated, angry or insecure, I can help you develop the tools that you need to empower yourself to be in control of your mind which will transform your life. It is so beautiful to enjoy a life filled in purity, truth, love, and joy. Embracing the best in a given situation gifts you a sense of ownership in your life. I am deeply committed to helping you create experiences that can help you move deeply into self-love and joyful living!

There’s no better time than right after Mother’s Day to reflect on what and who is truly important in life and how to access a more relaxed and peaceful existence.

Stay connected there’s so many other beautiful stories that we can share together to help you along your journey!

With much love,

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