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I am an Ambassador for Woman’s Empowerment for Fashion, a World Champion Polo Player, Sports Illustrated Model, Music Producer, Singer-Songwriter, and Founder of Soul Detox Mastery, a program of self discovery.

Sabrina Barnett helps people access positive, permanent shifts in the quality of lives. She teaches you how to upscale your confidence accessing your empowered life and gain personal productivity. Design a life not limited by past hard wiring. Sabrina takes you step by step helping you create power, freedom and full self-expression, resulting in profound breakthroughs and positive transformation.


Sabrina Barnett’s journey has consisted of over 25 years of travel’s to the Amazon, China, India, the jungles of Africa, deep into the Native Reservations, to numerous healing retreats around the world, weeks in silent meditation, Avatar training, decades reading dozens of self help books, in-depth courses on communication and wisdom training, creating a plethora of knowledge which enabled her to discover entirely new possibilities to expand and deepen her profound journey.

Sabrina now helps you redefine what is possible in your life.

Barnett is no stranger to the spotlight. She has graced hundreds of editorials, Sports Illustrated photo shoots and runways worldwide as a Top Model. Through the years Sabrina has been featured on ABC, NBC and has hosted award shows. She empowers woman as a World Champion Polo Player, Speaker and is a Lead Singer/Songwriter of the Native Luv Band. The Tranquility Project is a compilation of songs helping to delete programs from our past creating emotional freedom written with a healing frequency tone, manifesting great inner harmony and relaxation.

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Sabrina was named "Ambassador for Empowering Women in Fashion” with her Motivational clothing featured in over 650 stores worldwide.

The former Supermodel just wrapped up a nine month LOVE TOUR assisting women with low self esteem that have been abused. Upon completion she was honored by Native Americans for a program bringing restoration to hearts with her mission work on the reservations.

Raised by a single mother who worked three jobs and terribly bullied both verbally and physically in school, Sabrina became very insecure and isolated growing up. She was afraid every morning to go to school. Pain, struggle and lack was nothing new. She knew that to break free from her past she had to make some core changes.

Since age nine, she realized her gift of being an empath. “Ever since I was a little girl I was able to feel in a room if someone had a hurt, thus felt the desire to help them...feeling empathic toward them.”

Her life is now devoted to transformation and healing...helping people gain access to a new way of living. “I have a fundamental motivation to help other people achieve the pivotal redemption that I have achieved in my life. I feel a moral obligation to offer you the solutions these teachings provide!”

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